SEESAmE – SouthEast European Science Advanced through Evaluation

SEESAmE – SouthEast European Science Advanced through Evaluation

SEESAmE is a system to support research publishing in SouthEast Europe, based on the concept of Journal Quality Enforcement. Contains a system for journals online management, a module for ranking indexed journals, institutions, and related entities, a full-text citation database, and an accessory database for recruiting reviewers.

SCIndeks – Serbian Citation Index

SCIndeks – Serbian Citation Index

SCIndeks is a full-text citation database. In addition to basic bibliographic information, SCIndeks contains abstracts and references of all papers from most of the quality-oriented Serbian journals. Papers from all journals that meet certain criteria are available as full texts under Open Access.

JBR – Journal Bibliometric Report

JBR – Journal Bibliometric Report

JBR is a web report on the evaluation of Serbian journals. Over 550 journals are categorized and ranked according to two dozens of indicators of global and local impact, bibliometric quality, and publishing integrity.

DOPISNIca – Portal of Integrated System of S&T Information

DOPISNIca – Portal of Integrated System of S&T Information

DOPISNIca is a system under development containing in-depth information on local researchers, research institutions, projects and published results. It is designed according to CERIF, a standard data model for research and technological information used extensively across Europe.

  • SEESAmE – SouthEast European Science Advanced through Evaluation

  • SCIndeks – Serbian Citation Index

  • JBR – Journal Bibliometric Report

  • DOPISNIca – Portal of Integrated System of S&T Information


Two papers originated in CEON/CEES published in the proceedings of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts

Papers by P. Šipka were published in the SASA Proceedings entitled Science: state strategies, perspectives within the series The strategic directions of development of Serbia in the 21. century. Proceedings from the conference held under the same title was edited by Aleksandar Kostić, the corresponding member of the Academy.


The CEON/CEES project on the technical improvemnt of SCIndeks accomplished

The projekat entitled Supporting SCIndeks improvements through Alternative Funding Mechanism was fully financed by EU within an alaternative funding mechanism EC FP7. All innovations envisaged within the project are fully implemented. Some additional, related funcionalities, not specified but only stimulated by the project, are also implemented, and will become operational in Ver. 7.0. of SCIndeks.



11CEES released a position paper on the use of preference lists in the system of evaluation of scientific journals, with special emphasis on humanities journals.

CropperCapture3Journal Bibliometric Report (JBR) for 2015 was published. In accordance with the contract between the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, until further the access is provided only to the Ministry and its bodies. Access is also given to the journals subscribed to SCIndeks.


sciIt was prepared in accordance with agreements on the use of SCIndeks solely for publishers of journals subscribed in 2014 and 2015 to the service SCIndeks: The Serbian Citation Index. The Report is available at For using the Report registration and logging in is required.

sciFollowing the decision of the Ministry responsible for science in the Government of the Republic of Serbia to finance the production of Journal Bibliometric Report, the conditions were met for the specification of a framework for the maintenance of SCIndeks: The Serbian Citation Index based on self-financing by the journal publishers.

sciAfter an interruption in funding and, consequently, a one-year cessation of maintaining, SCIndeks has been revived. It is innovated and offered to domestic journals for self-financing. This model has already accepted by about 50 publishers who have started earlier using special services within SCIndeks.

see2This version is still of promotional character, but it is fully operational. A free trial call was sent to editors and publishers of selected number of journals published throughout Southeast Europe.


In response to frequent calls to plead about recent cases of (alleged) plagiarism in PhDs of some Serbian politicians, we explained in this public announcement our position regarding those cases and plagiarism in general.

CEON/CEES, the publisher of SCIndeks, made its decision based on the results of an urgent bibliometric investigation, following the recent affair that ended with putting ABS on the Beal's list of predatory journals. CEON/CEES also called for the Serbian Ministry of Science to withhold ABS the status of scientific journal and publishers to dismiss the Editorial Board and the Editor-in-Chief.

Faculty of Medical Science University of Kragujevac, Center for Continuing Medical Education and Serbian Medical Society - Academy of Medical Sciences are organizing professional meeting entitled Evaluation of science and scientists.

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MESTD has published the proposal for categorization of Serbian journals for 2013. The draft is based on opinion of disciplinary scientific boards (DSBs). Appeals to the proposal can be submitted until September 1st, 2013. CEES will exercise this option.

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