The proposal for categorization was published here. Categories suggested by some DSBs substantially disagree from those established by using objective bibliometric procedure in CEES Bibliometric Report available here. In many cases, especially in awarding categories M51 and M52, Ministry's Rules of evaluation available here are directly violated.

Proceeding from this, CEES will file a complaint. In the appeal we will provide evidence that in some highly rated journals publishing standards and ethical norms were systematically afflicted. We will also show that in some cases DSBs categorized and even highly rated journals that cannot be considered scientific at all, while at the same time dropped some journals who respect the highest international editorial standards.

In our appeal we will not seek higher rate for any particular journal. Therefore, editors who consider themselves wronged are recommended to file their own complaints concerning their journals. They are free to use all the data available from CEES Bibliometric Report.

The process of filing complaints is described here.