The meeting will be held in the Blue Hall of the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac on the 10th of May 2014. Topics to be covered will be:

  • The impact factor - Variations and innovations
  • Evaluation of individual scientists based on quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • Evaluation of scientists by the current criteria of the Ministry of Science
  • Domestic medical journals: From scientific periphery to the Web of Science
  • Violations of publication ethics  - Plagiarism, falsification and fabrication of research results
  • Authorship – Abuse

CEON/CEES will participate on the meeting with invited lecture by Prof. dr Pero Šipka with a paper entitled Ranking and categorization of scientific journals - The use and abuse.
Associations professional meeting is accredited with 3 points for lecturers and 2 points for students.

Call for participation (Serbian)