The document provides an overview of the state-of-the-art of local publishing in the field of humanities. Performance in this area, as measured by ordinary bibliometric indicators, was judged to be insufficient. Views of CEES on what are the most productive evaluation solutions aimed at improving the present performance and further developing local humanities in general, as a specific area of particular national interest, are given and explicated.

In this context, a problem of under-representation of Serbian journals in global evaluation databases (WoS/JCR and Scopus/SCImago was recognized and documented. This directly affects the international impact of local authors and, indirectly, the quality of local production in the humanities as well as the image of Serbia in the world humanistic literature.

A set of measures is offered to overcome the current situation. Measures by CEES as a part of its journals support program are worked out in more details. The measures are focused on journals in the field of humanities and close social sciences, but are aimed at local scientific journals in general.


 full text (in Serbian)