Welcome to the renewed CEON/CEES website. Here you will find all about what we do and why we do it, including details of our programmes, projects, products and publications.

As the supporters of open science, we are trying to be informative and intellectually virtuous to all. However, we still tailored this website primarily to the needs of our partners. A special attention was given to the journal editors. We reserved for them some useful contents in the new members-only section. A piece of information may be true, but never complete. Being aware of this, we are ready to answer each and every question related directly or indirectly to this website's content.

The innovation of CEON/CEES website is a result of a double twist in the attainment of our mission.

Firstly, we decided to work directly with journal publishers and editors, instead of with intermediaries, which are the governmental institutions who support them, and which was the case in the past. If journal editors as our final users find our services useful, they will find a way to provide them. The change came out from our disenchantment with the Government of Serbia, its ministry responsible for science, we have been working for and with for over a decade. During this long years, it became increasingly evident that the Ministry didn't have capacity to modernize research publishing based on our evaluation, their main sin being unreadiness to confront various interest groups resisting the change. We became equally disillusioned with international funds who also panically avoid action projects aimed at producing social change of research sector, while this is the only scope of our expertise.

Secondly, we decided to move the focus of our activities from the national to region level. It seemed to us that the time was finally right for a common regional journals platform. Apparently, relatively small and weak national research communities of SEE countries have better chances if working together and share resources. Both European funding frameworks and national research policy makers clearly point to this direction. In technical, publishing terms, cooperation means mutual visibility, peer cross-border reviewing, co-publishing and citation exchange. The SEESAmE, our new online journal management, promotion, and evaluation system is designed exactly to meet these goals. The year 2015 will be the testing period for both usability of SEESAmE, and feasibility of this new CEON/CEES's project.

Working together doesn't mean not to compete. We believe in what is called coopetition - the cooperation and competition at the same time. We also believe that the two are in synergistic relationship. CEON/CEES, now working with publishers and evaluators from all SEE countries, is just trying to make this fruitful synergy somewhat stronger.

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