SEESAmE is a system to support research publishing in SouthEast Europe, based on the concept of Journal Quality Enforcement. Contains a system for journals online management, a module for ranking indexed journals, institutions, and related entities, a full-text citation database, and an accessory database for recruiting reviewers.

SEESAmE is based on OJS (Open Journals System) substantially strengthened by CEON/CEES quality-control features. These are developed as a result of long-term monitoring and analyzing of specific needs and deficiencies of journals published in developing, transition, emerging and small (DTES) countries in general and countries from the region in particular.

The main purpose of SEESAmE is to support the improvement of the quality of SEE research publishing in general and scientific journals in particular. In SEESAmE, this is achieved through built-in automated tools and instruments to enforce, but at the same time to facilitate, executions of obligatory operations that ensure full compliance of journal editing with international standards.

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