Published in: Aleš Bošnjak/Maximilian Stempfhuber (eds.) Get the Good CRIS Going: Ensuring Quality of Service for the User in the ERA, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems, Institute of Information Science, Maribor, Slovenia, June 5-7th, 2008, pp. 141-148  

Role and Position of the Locally Published Journals in an Evaluation-Oriented CRIS

Pero Šipka

Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science, Belgrade and
University of Novi Sad, Department of Psychology, Novi Sad

Abstract: A program of monitoring, evaluation and promotion of the locally published journals (LPJs) has been chosen in Serbia to be the first step in strategic efforts to raise the quality and impact of the national research. The rationales of the program, as well as its outputs and outcomes are here described. The position of LPJs as an entity within CRIS-CERIF architecture is shortly discussed and some arguments in favor to the treatment of LPJs as a separate entity of the highest level are outlined. According to the results so far, such a solution is effective, and might be plausible for policy-makers and developers in other countries of similar socioeconomic status, particularly so in nations of so-called small languages.

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