Objavljeno u: International Conference on Psychology in a Changing Europe, Book of abstracts, p. 30, BEEPG, Banska Bistrica

Role of local databases for a peripheral discipline in a peripheral country: trials with SocioFakt

Biljana Kosanović

National Library of Serbia

Pero Šipka

Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad
Department of Psychology

Sažetak: Some shortcomings of global databases (SSCI, PsycInfo, etc.) are discussed, and some pros and cons for building local psychological databases in peripheral countries are evaluated. The SocioFakt, a local bibliographic database recently developed to cover national needs for secondary information in psychology and related disciplines, is presented. Various decisions on the structure and the format of the database are argued. BiSA, a separate module of the database and standalone software, specifically designed for the purpose of scientometric analysis, is explained. Possible benefits from regional information exchange are stressed, and some prospects for international cooperation are outlined.



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