Published in: Psihologija, vol. 31, iss. 3, pp. 303–316. 

Eysenck′s Contribution to Psychology from (Auto)Biographic Perspective  

Šipka Pero

Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad

Abstract: Eysenck′s general approach and his contribution to psychology are shortly characterized on the basis of Eysenck′s own descriptions and judgments. He discussed both his approach and contribution in many occasions, most explicitly in his autobiography. An attempt was made here to relate them to critical circumstances (conditions, events) he lived in, also evidenced by himself. Recognized as most important are his antiauthoritarian childhood in Germany, his studying psychology in England in the general climate of philosophical empiricism, the provocative atmosphere of pretentious academism in his early professional surrounding, as well as strong family support. It is suggested that these factors contributed most to his unique feature - the permanent confrontation with some taboo research topics and questionable but dominant epistemological patterns and psychological theories. Correlated with his exceptional abilities these factors are also responsible for Eysenck′s extraordinary production and productivity that resulted in equally extraordinary impact in several broad areas of present-day psychology.

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