Published in: Subotić, S. (2014). Imamo korice, sad treba napisati knjigu: predstavljenost naučnih časopisa Republike Srpske u elektronskoj formi. CEON Radni dokumenti i priručnici RDP - 01/14.

We have covers, now let’s write the book: representation of scientific journals of the Republic of Srpska in electronic form

Subotić Siniša

PIM University, Banja Luka, BiH
Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON/CEES), Belgrade

Abstract: In the Republic of Srpska there has been a big increase in the number of scientific journals, but this increase has not been supported by the evaluation and quality control procedures. This study was the first evaluative overview of the current situation and it examined the basic issues of journal electronic access, representation, and related information. The sample consisted of 45 scientific journals appearing in the List of the Categorized Journals by Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska and/or registered on the DOI Srpska service (one third of the categorized journals were not registered on DOI Srpska). The results have shown that the availability of electronic journals was generally unsatisfactory. The journals were often only incidentally mentioned on the online portals of their publishing institutions, and only half of the available sites archived all of the journal issues, with most of the issues being organized as a single text document, with no option to download individual articles. DOI Srpska service has proved out to be inefficient, covering three times fewer journal issues in comparison to the number available on the corresponding journal internet pages. Only about half of the journals were present in Google Scholar. Transparency of information was not satisfactory. The information about the editorial boards were often incomplete, did not coincide with the information on DOI Srpskla, or was completely absent. One third of the journals failed to provide instructions for authors on the websites and the same number of journals did not provide any information about their thematic focus. The most common language of the journal internet pages was Serbian and the pages were generally lacking information about the services journals are subscribed to. Information presenting style was often deemed as unsatisfactory. The general impression is that the analyzed journals have some potential, but there is a lack of the modern equipment necessary for ensuring their proper reception and authority. The infrastructure that would allow for their evaluation and improvement based on feedback is also missing. Not enough attention is being given to the electronic availability and transparency of information and it is necessary to correct this at the legislative level. It is necessary to retroactively conduct the digitization of the missing issues, to separate the articles, and to refine and complete journal-related information. It is also necessary to re-examine the function of DOI Srpska service and examine the possibility of its transformation into a source that includes all kinds of scientific information necessary for decision making and covered by European standards. As a financier or co-financier, the state should create an environment in which journals would compete for quality and support, with the process being based on objective methods of evaluation, rather than arbitration.

Keywords: Scientometric/bibliometric evaluation; scientific journals; DOI Srpska; Republic of Srpska; Ministry of Science and Technology: Google Scholar

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