In order to achieve its mission and vision CEON/CEES is dealing with:

  • studying evaluation practices in EU and OECD countries and their effects on research performance and publishing behaviour of researchers, in order to select, adapt, and further develop scientometric indicators appropriate for their implementation in developing, transition, emerging and small, (DTES) countries from the SEE region;
  • monitoring the research output of individual authors, research teams/projects, and research institutions as measured by different indicators in order to analyse operability of the scientomteric indicators on real data;
  • studying and following up international evaluation practices in order to assist authorities in harmonizing their legislations with European standards;
  • developing and maintaining local/regional citation databases to be used as add-ons to global citation indexes;
  • studying and following up updates of international research information standards and protocols in order to assure compliance of our applications with analogous European information resources and regulations;
  • monitoring the impact and bibliometric quality of the locally published journals to enable their categorization by academic and funding institutions;
  • monitoring journal editorial practices in order to protect public interests from publishing misconduct;
  • developing technologies of misconduct detection in order to protect journal publishers and editors as our clients from the risk of authors unethical behaviour;
  • advising in the field of academic publishing, evaluation, and accreditation;
  • publishing in the field of evaluation;
  • organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars , and other forms of educational activity; and
  • spreading "evaluative culture" within academic community, public administration, and the society as a whole.



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