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Pero Šipka, PhD, is a trained psychologist and psychometrician. He graduated from University of Zagreb, where he also made his PhD. He spent most of his career in teaching statistical, methodological and informetric courses at the University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. From 2002 on, he has been concurrently serving as President at CEON/CEES. He made this service the biggest challenge of his life career.

In CEON/CEES, his main research interests are around the evaluation of journals published in Serbia and other developing, transition, emerging, and small countries. The focus of this research is on the impact and other bibliometric characteristics of journals, including those reflecting integrity of publishing, quality of reviewing and legitimacy of citations. The distinctive feature of his studies is attacking applied problems and search for applicable results. The ultimate purpose is always to make local publishing better, more useful, and relevant internationally. This goal is to be achieved through monitoring and evaluation, as rigorous and comprehensive as possible. He argues that only the results of such an exhaustive evaluation can be used in the assessment of performance of individual scientist and organizations in DTES countries.

From his and his colleagues' research, a model for monitoring, ranking, and promoting journals was gradually derived. It was subsequently applied in developing a series of CEON/CEES applications, ending with SEESAmE.

He publishes a lot, mainly working papers, but also conference and journal articles primarily of applied character, pleading, often in polemical tone, for an open, accountable, data-driven, and verifiable evaluation.



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