Published in:
Info Science
1998, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 35-38   

THE BiSA: A Program for Evaluation of Research Performance on the Basis of Bibiographic Database SocioFakt

Biljana Kosanović

National Library of Serbia, Belgrade

Pero Šipka

Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, Department of Psychology

Abstract: National bibliographic database are necessary in small countries such as Yugoslavia, especially in the domain of social sciences. Among others, they are only legitimate basis for research evaluation, since evaluation of scientific subjects based on international sources of the kind (SCI, SSCI, etc.) is incomplete, or even impossible. The SocioFakt is such an already developed database, referring domestic journal articles from social factual sciences. A separate module named BiSA is now attached to SocioFakt as statistical tool for bibliometric and scientometric analysis. The program generate various basic indices for evaluation of three kinds of scientific subjects: individual authors, institutions and journals. Its convenience is tested in a series of scientometric studies of Yugoslav psychology. Transformation of and combining basic indices into various composite measures that can be used in practical evaluation is in BiSA also supported.

Keywords: bibliographic databases, social sciences, research evaluation, research productivity, citation analysis, journal quality, Yugoslavia

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