President's Welcome 2018

president welcome

Welcome to the renewed CEON/CEES website. This version of the website is not only technically improved but is also more adjusted to the current needs of our partners, primarily editorial boards of journals with which we have contractual relations.

Our main innovation is the blog called Innovations. In this section, we intend to keep the interested readers informed of new information technologies relevant to academic publishing and the evaluation of research performance. In these areas we are witnessing rapid, almost dramatic changes. Their importance is increasing with the accession of Serbia and the surrounding countries to the European Union. According to our knowledge, they are insufficiently followed, understood, and applied. As a result, despite visible progress, research publishing in this part of the world is lagging behind increasingly. Among many innovations, we will strive to critically evaluate and promote those technologies and practices that are, according to our knowledge and experience, applicable in our complex and underdeveloped academic ecosystem.

It is with the same enthusiasm that we have started the section titled Research. Behind this title hides an entirely new type of publication, called intricately CEON/CEES Research Crumbs. This is a series of brief research reports on findings from the areas that CEES is dealing with. The title evokes the so-called breadcrumbs in web terminology, the trails that help find the way back – in this particular case to previously published reports, either in the form of journal articles or working papers, which are extended, upgraded or concretized in CEON/CEES Research Crumbs. Research crumbs will be published in Serbian, English or bilingually. It will be wide open for the contributions of external associates and all partners of CEON/CEES.

In all other respects CEON/CEES website will remain the same as it has been, regardless of the different design of its interface. This is because CEON/CEES will firmly maintain its old course. Over the past year or two, we have overcome many challenges from which we came out stronger. We will continue to strive for innovations, open science, effective publishing, the implementation of European standards and good practices, and to fight against false values, abuse and usurpation.


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