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In the upcoming 2021 year, CEON is celebrating several anniversaries. 30 years ago, the founders of CEON/CEES began developing the first citation database and shortly afterwards began publishing scientometric papers, among the first in Europe based on citations from local journals. As a legal entity CEON/CEES was established exactly two decades ago, when SocioFakt, online, the forerunner of the SCIndeks, a product that meanwhile became a modern citation database and our trademark. Ten years ago we proudly started using iThenticate for preventing plagiarism in SCIndeks journals.

We are celebrating those anniversaries with significant achievements. SCIndeks is regularly maintained and constantly expanded. SCIndeks Plus, our extended offline database intended primarily for journals’ evaluation within the Journal Bibliometric Report, now includes 530 journals with over 325,000 papers and almost 4 million references/citations. Over the past two years, we have been licensed in DOAJ close to 100 SCIndeks journals. For all of them, we regularly upload metadata in DOAJ database and, indirectly, in Dimensions. We have just collectively introduced nearly all of them into Sherpa-Romeo, thus strengthening their legitimacy and international reputation. Through Crossref, where we regularly submit metadata to the latest and most complete format, we provide ORCID profile updates for approximately 9,000 authors with almost 50,000 authorships. We finally started producing XML which allows us to publish papers in HTML and interactive PDF format. In this way, we outgrew the role of aggregator and became a web publisher.

In the coming period, we will offer our XML technology to a wider range of journals. The need for that is long-lasting. Journal publishing in Serbia and the surrounding countries in this respect does not manage to catch up with good world practices for years. Many ambitious publishers and editors who strive for this are doomed to the unjustifiably high costs of international services’ providers of XML technologies. Some of them have already become our users, after getting aware of the price to quality ratio of our services.

We expect to expand the circle of users in 2021 and ensure stability. In that way, we would open more space for committing to our primary mission - the evaluation of journals, aimed at raising their impact, quality, and integrity. Contamination of the publishing ecosystem with illegitimate, false, and redundant/plagiarized content is becoming an increasing challenge in the world and remains our permanent obligation. 

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