published in:
Psihologija, 2005, 38 (3), 345-360

Social sciences in Serbia, with Momirović and without him: a bibliometric portrait

Pero Šipka

Center for Evaluation in Education and Science, Belgrade,
Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, Novi Sad

Abstract: Research performance of Konstantin Momirović (1932-2004), a prominent Serbian psychologist and statistician was analyzed, based on one domestic (SocioFakt) and one international citation database (SSCI). His productivity was described in terms of number of papers published in various local journals, while his typical research interests were revealed by applying frequency analysis of his keywords, abstract terms, and international authors he had cited. In order to evaluate his impact in various research fields, his citations and heterocitations was cross-tabulated against all citing disciplinary journals. Finally, latent influence of his contribution on the structure of national social sciences was tested by deriving two cocitation maps of local journals: one produced with, and the other without his papers and citations. The results show Momirović'es exceptional output and its substantial influence on the structure of social factual sciences, particularly on the position of psychology as a discipline. His output turned out to be also specific one, asking for careful treatment of leaders of hidden colleges in practical evaluation. Incidentally, results also revealed his intellectual relatedness with Hans Eysenck, a hidden finding which was possible to corroborate by perceived personalities of both, accompanied with some critical details from their biographies.

Keywords: Research performance, citation analysis, journal cocitation analysis, Konstantin Momirović

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