EINUS - Electronic Report of Research Performance in Serbia: Division for Social Sciences

EINUS is a publication that contains selected data from the national (SCIndeks) and international sources (WoS) and enables interactive evaluation of joint research output of individuals, institutions, journals, publishers, research teams/projects, and scientific meetings.

For each of the subjects EINUS offers a dozen of relatively independent statistical indicators, all based on productivity and the citation rate. The evaluation has the form of within-group comparison of comparable entities. At a predefined request, EINUS forms for each scientometric indicator a rank list of either formally connected entities (such as all staff members or all departments from a faculty) or ad hoc formed groups (such as similar departments belonging to various universities).

Apart from with interindividual comparisons, EINUS provides intraindividual temporal comparisons showing for all the entities variations in research output during the period covered by the data. The results are presented both in the form of dynamic tables and dynamic diagrams.

At present, EINUS is used for research purposes only. The objective of CEES is to bring it into the practical evaluation, to be used as a decision support system in budgeting projects, journals, and scientific meetings, as well as in faculty promotion, experts drafting, and leaders selection.



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