published in:
Kostić P. ed., Merenje u psihologiji 2, IKSI, Belgrade
1996, pp. 169-179    

Citation rate of Yugoslav psychologists in foreign periodicals 

Pero Šipka

Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad,
Department of Psychology

Abstract: A review of the citation rate of Yugoslav psychologists in foreign periodicals referred in SCI and SSCI is presented. The citation counts covered the period from 1979 to 1990 . The citation data were obtained for 50 authors that have highest citation rank in domestic journals. A list of cited and citing journals was identified and shortly analyzed. The results demonstrate that citation rate was extremely low, except the one of Croatian authors in general, and Z. Bujas in particular. In trying to explain the findings obtained, some characteristics of Yugoslav academic psychology are discussed. The lack of publishing incentives, non-productive mechanisms of budget allocation, lack of research facilities, the preference for research of low generalizability, and insufficient methodological and publishing competence of domestic authors are proposed to be the main obstacles for incorporation of national research into the mainstream science.

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