Integration of bibliometric information based on international standards


The aim of the programme is to integrate all CEES bibliometric sources and harmonize them with related international, primarily European standards. The ultimate goal is to achieve interoperability between our databases and EU services intended to support creating European Research Area.

This is achieved by applying, whenever appropriate, various standards such as Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) in our newly developed applications. We are also gradually redesigning models of our databases created in the past to make them compliant with CRIS-CERIF architecture. Bibliographic data from our citation databases can be harvested by using OAI PMH protocol. Some of our services are interconnected, by various web technologies, both mutually and with international services. By doing so, we pave the way to full interoperability of our contents with external international information sources and, at the same time, acquire conditions for correcting and normalizing bibliographic information of low reliability and accuracy.


Within this programme the following activities are conducted:

  • Studying and applying new technologies for IS integration;
  • Functional integration of CEES databases, registries, authority files, and vocabularies;
  • Applying international standards and protocols whenever appropriate;
  • Remodeling existing CEES databases to conform CRIS/CERIF;
  • Linking CEES aggregated metadata and articles with international services, such as CrossRef and PubMed; and
  • Publishing metadata under OAI PMH protocol.



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