SNTPI '09 Sistem naučno-tehnoloških i poslovnih informacija, Belgrade  

Integrating information resources intended for evaluation of research performance 

Šipka Pero

Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science, Belgrade and
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad

Abstract: Integration of S&T information, understood as a social process, was situated in the theoretical context. Its role in creation of e-government is pointed out. Barriers to integrations, as viewed by authors of some novel theoretical contributions, are taxonomized and discussed. Then, the results of integration of domestic information resources are shortly described. It was estimated that at the national level the integration is not accomplished, nor contemplated in governmental plans. An explanation for the lack of integration is found in boundaries within academic community, developing industry, and governmental ministries responsible for higher education, science and technology. A thesis is offered that regardless of the location and origin of the barriers, they can be bridged in Serbia only by the Government.

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