Published in: Šipka, P. (2006). Integracija sistema naučnih informacija u nacionalnoj ravni: povezivanje citatnog indeksa s bazom tekućih projekata. In: Đ. Kutlača (ed.), Naučnostručni skup SNTPI ’06 Sistem naučno-tehničkih i poslovnih informacija, pp. 35–41. Beograd: Narodna biblioteka Srbije.

Integrating sistem of researach information at the national level: cross-linking citation index and a CRIS-compliant database

Pero Šipka

Center for evaluation in education and science and
Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad

Abstract: Rationales for building national citation index in Serbia and its integration with institutional repositories of a standard (CRIS/CERIF) format are described. It was assumed that evaluational and promotional functions are the two essential components of a research information system, and that both are directly related to certain "natural" priorities of science in small developing countries such as Serbia. National citation index is considered to be the central part of the system, intended primarily to serve evaluation needs. Being restricted in performing promotional role, especially as an instrument to facilitate international cooperation, it is going to be integrated with a CERIF-compliant database, presently under development. Both resources should benefit from the integration, most particularly in terms of visibility, usability, quality of data, and maintenance expenses.

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