SNTPI '09 Sistem naučno-tehnoloških i poslovnih informacija, Belgrade  

How to support informationally decision-making on journal collections subscription 

Kosanović Biljana

National Library of Serbia,
Centre for Scientific Information,

Šipka Pero

Univesity of Novi Sad,
Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad and
Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science,

Abstract: Indicators of both citation rate as well as usage of all journal collections subscribed to in Serbia were generated and related among themselves and to the collection prices. Factor analysis of indicators points to two factors of about equal pregnancy, one of which is dominantly shaped by measures of local citation rate of collections. Thus, results call upon the use of a novel indicator, labeled here as Benefit Factor, that would be based on the ratio of local impact and journals prices. Implications of the findings for the subscription policy in the conditions of crisis of the science budget are discussed. The need is stressed for the development and use of a software decision system to support collection subscription process.

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