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Vučković-Dekić Ljiljana (ed.), Vrednovanje nauke i naučnika: Monografije naučnih skupova AMN SLD, vol. 5, iss. 1, pp. 9-30, Kragujevac: Fakultet medicinskih nauka i Beograd: Akademija medicinskih nauka Srpskog lekarskog društva  

Methods of evaluation of scientific journals - use and abuse

Šipka Pero

Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science,
Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: The paper provides a critical review of methods for the journals evaluation. The review covers the research literature in this area, as well as the practice of evaluating scientific journals in well-developed scientific environments. The system of monitoring and evaluation of journals in Serbia is described, illustrated and commented in some more details. In addition, the most important newer forms of abuse in this area, as well as basic forms of preventing the abuses that are practiced worldwide are characterized. Finally, the measures aimed at combating abuses in the system of evaluation of the journals in Serbia are sugested, which would remove the main obstacle to improving the country’s research publishing and its integration into the European research area.

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