About the state of the art in research sector as viewed by Politika: Anent the round table on evaluation

The newspaper daily Politika reported on the Round table held on December 8, 2008 in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Dissatisfied with the report, but also with general coverage by Politika of topics concerned with the state of affairs in Serbian science, professor Pero Šipka, the president of the CEON/CEES Management Board, sent his reaction in the form of Open Letter to Sonja Liht, the President of the Management Board of Politika. Politika evaded to publish the letter.

CEON/CEES Management Board has initiated proceedings against Mirjana Milovanović, editor in the newspaper daily Politika, at the Court of Honour of the Journalists Association of Serbia. JAS's response and lack of reaction of its Court of Honour show that in our conditions groups and individuals that operate within civil society in the public interest practically cannot protect themselves from irresponsible journalists and their organizations.

I naučnici prepisuju, Politika (Društvo), 9. 12. 2008.

Može li Politika bolje: otvoreno pismo P. Šipke Sonji Liht, 12. 12. 2008.

Prepiska P. Šipke s uredništvom Politike

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