Preliminary results of the presence of plagiarised and duplicated papers in SCIndeks: the Serbian Citation Index published

As the publisher of the Serbian Citation Index and Journal Bibliometric Report CEES undertook an extensive research during 2008 and 2009, with the ultimate aim of relieving these two information resources from illegitimate contents. Using our home-made tool, we checked the existence of duplicate papers, and  relying on an appropriate commercial web service (iThenticate) we checked the presence of plagiarism in papers published in English.

Editorial Boards have been involved in research in the critical phase. They were provided with direct access to iThenticate results, in order to determine if a violation existed in each individual case, to qualify it in terms of type and size, and to declare themselves about measures they planned to take.  The overall results were submitted to the Ministry of Science in a proper way (see here). The authorities were provided with: (1) classifications of disputed papers by our analysts,  (2) classifications of the same papers by journal editorial boards and (3) direct access to iThenticate results, in order to arrive at the final decisions and take measures against perpetuators. Finally, they were submitted with our framework proposal of measures to be taken by the Ministry itself, as well as across the academic community, on preventing violations of this type in the future.

Given the lack of expected consistent action by affected journals, as well as lack of reaction by the Ministry, we decided to continue working on this issue independently.

We find ourselves obliged and appointed:

  1. to publish the results in a convenient form and thus fulfil contractual obligations taken in order to provide use of the iThenticate service;
  2. to mark as illegitimate all SCIndeks papers clearly established to be duplicated or plagiarised, after reasonable deadlines for editors to do it by themselves has expired;
  3. to provide editors interested in the prevention of plagiarism a common subscription to iThenticate service at a preferential price;
  4. to include information on the number and type of violations of ethical standards in our system of journal evaluation;
  5. to deselect from our indexing, evaluating and promoting all journals whose editors express unwillingness to take measures in combating plagiarism;
  6. to consult, as the member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), with relevant bodies of this international organization in all matters concerned with standard procedures in treating plagiarism and related phenomena.



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