In carrying out its role CEON/CEES is led by the following basic assumptions and principles:

  • scientometric theory: scientometrics (bibliometrics, informetrics) is an exact discipline providing numerous knowledges based on robust data, but also a social science capable of understanding societal and psychological factors that influence complex subjects of evaluation, as well as the behavior of scientists as evaluators and evaluees;
  • primacy of findings over theory: we are governed by the results of our own empirical studies and give them advantage over generalizations driven out of our real social scope;
  • respect for good evaluation practices: most of the techniques and procedures used in developed countries, especially EU countries, including new members which are successfully transforming their ST&I sectors, can be safely applied in Serbia, sometimes with necessary and sometimes without any adaptation;
  • "evaluative state", as a doctrine aimed at raising public accountability and social efficacy, which is more easily applied in the ST&I domain then in other parts of social public sector.

In our approach we are capitalizing on growing potentials of information technologies, especially web technologies. Without successful application of informetrics effective and efficient evaluation in contemporary science is hardly possible. Almost exclusively, we use public data, already given in electronic form. Our reports are public and electronic, too. What we do can better be labeled "e-valuation, than "evaluation".



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