Assisting journals in improving editorial practices


The overall objective of this programme is to modernize editorial practices in partnering journals. The purpose is to assist editors in mastering new technologies intended for journals editing and publishing. The general idea behind the programme is to save editorial staff's time and efforts, as well as journal production costs in order to invest them into journal quality improvement. This is achieved through a popular platform for journal online management (Open Journal System, OJS) which is adjusted to the specific needs of publishers from developing, transition, emerging and small  (DTES) countries. OJS was enriched by various tools for implementing CEON/CEES's concept of journal quality enforcement. The quality is enforced by compulsory use of automated procedures for standard keywords assignment, ensuring congruence between in-text citations and reference lists, and reformatting references to meet different standard citation styles selected by the editor.

The effectivity of the resulting systems of support  called SEESAmE Assistant and the programme as a whole is visible from both enlargement of the Assistant membership and enhancement of the impact and quality of journals included in the programme.


Within this programme the following activities are conducted:

  • Applying OJS as a collaborative platform for online journal management;
  • Developing add-ons intended for quality publishing control;
  • Integration of OJS with SCIndeks and SEESAmE;
  • Collective subscription to quality services, such as CrossRef and CrossCheck;
  • Technical support for the users; and
  • Consulting editorial boards and technical staff on good publishing practices and prevention of misconduct.




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