Published in:
VI naučni skup o sistemu naučnih i tehnoloških informacija, Kotor, zbornik radova
1996, pp. 110-112

The development of bibliographic databases for national needs: the experiences with SocioFakt 

Biljana Kosanović

National Library of Serbia, Belgrad

Pero Šipka

Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad,
Department of Psychology

Abstract: The specific needs for a national bibliographic database covering the domain of social sciences are analyzed. These needs shaped the content and form of SocioFakt, the database of this kind, developed by the same authors. The basic characteristics of the SocioFakt are shortly described. Finally, some elementary results referring to the reception of SocioFakt by potential users are presented. The results show that they welcome the appearance of the database, but expressed mixed readiness to participate financially in its publishing and maintenance. It is concluded that unreadiness of the most influential inpiduals comes from financial difficulties, undifferentiated information needs, and finally from the sense of threat, which a database showing one's real research output, brings to their privileged status in the academic society.

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