Developing and maintaining full-text citation databases


The function of this programme is to maintain and further develop the SCIndeks, as the national, and SEESAmE, as the regional citation index. Both of them are hybrid bibliographic products, conjoining functions of citation indexes and full-text databases. Both are modeled against ISI/WoS citation indexes to serve as their add-on, but are also adjusted to the needs of relatively small national academic communities. Within these efforts, functionalities of traditional citation databases are crucially extended, especially in SEESAmE. Extensions include modules for journal online management, ranking journals and related research entities, as well as an experts database for locating potential reviewers  and research partners.

The model of CEON/CEES full-text citation databases is designed to serve both as evaluation and as communication tool:

  • The evaluation role is to ensure the most detailed and reliable information about research performance of all ST&I entities: organizations, individuals, projects, journals, etc. This asks for massive processing, control, correction, and normalization of metadata, especially information extracted from article references.
  • As a communication tool, it is expected to ensure fast and reliable access to ST&I information contained in or connected to the articles published in journals. This asks for permanent improvement of databases user-friendliness.

The CEON/CEES model of citation full-text databases is constantly expanding and redesigning to become fully compliant with CERIF: The Common European Research Information Format enabling international connectivity.


Within this programme the following activities are held on a daily basis:

  • Regular database maintenance, including data cleaning and normalization;
  • Web application maintenance and improvement;
  • Advancement of software tools for database content management;
  • Integration of the database with other databases and catalogues to be used for metadata authority control;
  • Linking of the databases with other bibliographic databases to improve navigation functionalities;
  • Adjusting of the data model to innovations in scientific publishing; and
  • Improvement of the user friendliness.



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