Scriptor: A programme for bibliographic information parsing

Scriptor is an intelligent multipurpose tool intended for the preparation of bibliographic information for transfer to the citation databases. By consulting accessory databases (of authors, journals, publishers, etc.) and using algorithms for natural language processing, Scriptor recognizes the elements of journal contents and article references (author, article title, source, publication year, etc.) and assigns standard labels to them, making the semiautomatic transfer of the data into the respective fields of the database possible.

In addition to the parsing engine, Scriptor contains several supplementary modules enabling conversion of code pages, changing case in accordance to spelling rules, automatic positioning of author's name, initials, and surname, automatic abstracts formatting, extending the short/non-standard journal title to a full format, compensation for missing information, etc.


Program is written in the Visual Basic for Application as a template for Microsoft Word 97/2000.

Accessory routines

Apart from routines contained in the parsing module, Scriptor is equipped with some additional routines:

  • VeluMal - changing the font case according to rules;
  • Konverzije - conversions of different code pages;
  • Kontrola - control of parsed references and correcting for missing data; and
  • Dopuna - automatic data cleaning.

Scriptor is supplied with an embedded installation package, Help, and detailed instructions explaining the parsing procedures.

more details in the paper about Scriptor (in Serbian)



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