Svedi: A programme for checking, correcting, and normalizing citation information

Svedi (Norm) is a programme exclusively developed for normalizing citation data. This operation is a prerequisite for the reliable use of this kind of data in evaluation, due to non-standard forms, different standards in use, and numerous printing errors and omissions in articles' cited references.

Svedi matches a processed parsed reference with the original bibliographic source and other references in the database, allowing the user to identify the correct or at least the most likely form of a bibliographic item. At the same time it suggests to the user to correct processed reference for missing information. By aggregating databases containing:

  • positions and specialties of academic staff at a national universities/institutes,
  • monographs/books referred in the supplementary database,
  • articles referred in the SCIndeks, and
  • references cited in the SCIndeks,

and by switching a sorting key among various fields of the database, the user is able to reliably identify full names of cited authors and their affiliation, as well as other mistaken or omitted data in the majority of cited references.



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