It is our role to promote procedures of modern, effective evaluation among academic communities of developing, transition, emerging and small (DTES) countries from the SEE region. We are trying to inspire authorities to built such an evaluation into the legislations regulating ST&I budgeting and the promotion of scientists.

Our vision is full implementation of an open, data-driven, comprehensive and permanent evaluation of academic entities in SEE DTES countries, resembling, but not copying, practices taking place in well-ordered, most developed countries of the European Union. We find such an evaluation to be the main prerequisite for the progress of peripheral science and its full integration into the European Research Area. We are concentrated on the factors shaping quality, fertility, and integrity of research. It is our deep belief that none of these values can be fully achieved without introducing a valid reward system, based on valid evaluation.

In addition, CEON/CEES is developing information resources to be used in evaluation as we see it. These are always multi-purpose, supporting quality of the papers published in journals of our partners and clients, providing researchers easy access to the papers and, at the same time, producing indicators suitable for evaluation. We support Open Access as a political, economic, and publication model. Free distribution of scientific information, despite borders and barriers, is a strong part of the CEON/CEES policy.




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