Published as: Šipka P. (2016) Internationalization and evaluation as challanges of the Serbian humanities. In A. Kostić (Ed.) Nauka: stanje, strategija, perspektive (str. 309-329). Belgrade: SASA.   

Internationalization аnd evaluation as challenges of the Serbian humanities

Pero Šipka

Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science, Belgrade

Abstract: International output of the Serbian humanities in the ten-year period was analysed comparatively, in comparison with other research areas and other European countries. It is shown that this output is low. Conversely, local authors publish the vast majority of their papers in local journals. As a result, their number is too large, while their internationality and visibility are too low. It was concluded that the Serbian humanities are relatively isolated and self-sufficient. Reorientation towards publishing in prestigious international journals is a matter of first-degree national interest, at least because the overall picture of the Serbian past and present in these journals, as also shown, is incomplete and inadequate. The condition for enlargement and internationalization of domestic production is a valid evaluation of researchers, based on categorization of the journal. Discussed were the innovations in this process, particularly the practice of automated decision-making using so-called preferential journal lists. It was argued that the internationalization and adequate evaluation are too great challenges for domestic humanities, as they are, and that an additional state support in this process is absolutely necessary. It has been suggested that measures should take the form of additional incentives to authors and material support to journals, not a form of protection and exemptions, as this would only lead to preservation of the existing state-of-the-art. 

Keywords: humanities, research output, evaluation of researchers, journals categorization, preferential lists, Serbia

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