Published in: Bezbednost, Beograd, 2011, vol. 53, no. 2, pp. 115-133 

Plagiarism as a Form of Deviant Behaviour in the Scientific Research

Sanja Batić

DP DES, Novi Sad

Abstract: The main objective of this scientific paper is to analyze the presence of plagiarism in the science and its treatment in the laws governing the issue of intellectual property in the Republic of Serbia. A review of relevant literature leads to the conclusion that problems such breach are not yet adequately understood in our country. Previous research works and scientific quality of published scientific papers reveal a high level of academic dishonesty which can be very detrimental to the reputation of our scientists and certainly undermines the integrity of scientific work. This situation requires a change in the legal treatment of plagiarism in the science and the introduction of penalties for the offenders. It is also necessary to establish the institution to deal with the protection of the ethical aspects of scientific research. In the meantime it is necessary that the review of scientific articles includes checks for plagiarism.

Keywords: intellectual property, plagiarism, scientific research

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