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The latest upgrade of SCIndeks has brought a significant improvement of article-level metadata. One of the major improvements is the extension of the data model to include ORCID identifiers. This has enabled us to submit ORCID iDs to CrossRef in regular metadata deposits. The names of the authors who have a registered ORCID iD are now accompanied with a clickable ORCID icon orcid in SCIndeks. This enables readers to reach and check the author’s ORCID profile easily.

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ORCID iD is an alphanumeric code that uniquely and persistently identifies the authors and contributors of various scholarly outputs. The identifiers are registered with and maintained by the independent nonprofit organization ORCID, Inc. The registry service was launched in 2012. The service is freely available to anyone and is interoperable with other ID systems (e.g. Researcher ID, Scopus Author ID), publishing platforms, digital repositories, citation databases, aggregators, etc.

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The ORCID iD has so far become standard and an increasing number of research funders and publishers require authors to have a registered ORCID iD. This practice has also been adopted by some SCIndeks journals.

The SCIndeks Development Team strongly recommends to all researchers to register and populate with data ORCID profiles, so that they can later provide them along with their names when submitting manuscripts and peer reviews.

Serbian-speaking researchers may use detailed video tutorials available on the website of the Computer Centre of the University of Belgrade:


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Other researchers may use the tutorials in English provided on ORCID’s official help pages:


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