Published in: Pero Šipka et al. (2011). Učinak srpskih časopisa koji se indeksiraju u WoS i vrednuju u JCR: Preliminarni rezultati evaluacije efikasnosti programa "Međunarodna promocija domaćih časopisa najvišeg kvaliteta". ERD br. 0107/11

Performance of Serbian journals indexed in WoS and evaluated within JCR: Preliminary results of evaluation of the effectiveness of the program "The international promotion of the best quality national journals"

Abstract: The performance of the best Serbian journals was analyzed comparatively, in comparison with the performance of journal of the same status that are published in other countries of the region. Since all journals are indexed in the WoS/JCR, the impact was expressed in terms available for all, as so called Impact Factor calculated for the period of two years (IF2). Results on IF2 were downloaded from JCR. The period studied covered  the past decade. In processing data the basic statistical procedures were applied.

The results point to the explosive growth of impact of journals published in Serbia. At the end of the analyzed period they have become the most influential in the region, reaching approximately twice the average impact of the remaining countries journals. These are countries that are almost invariably more developed scientifically. The finding is in total discrepancy with all other known bibliometric indicators of (absolute) performance of Serbian science. As such, it was rechecked by additional corroborative procedures, to be finally confirmed and adopted.

We discussed the probable causes of this unusual finding. It was figured that direct financial support of the state to the journals can not be recognized as a factor in their rapid development. Rather, this can be claimed for encouraging climate of evaluation and even more so for the enthusiasm of editors and editorial board. While not denying the contribution of these and other latent factors, the program of evaluation and promotion of international journals conducted by CEES, and funded by the ministry responsible for science was identified as major immediate cause of the observed phenomena. Also, we added to this the contribution of CEES specific programme providing additional support to best-rated national journals.

Regardless of whether that interpretation will be sustained in the continuation of research, the results directly call for greater investment of the state in the development of best local journals, convincingly revealing a competitive advantage of national science. Those involved in the promotion of science in Serbia should consider the possibility of converting such a support into the project of building the national scientific brand.

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