The Journal Bibliometric Report for 2017 published

The 2017 edition of the Journal Bibliometric Report (BIČ) by CEON/CEES has been published at its permanent URL, The access to the Report is granted to authorized users only.

The 2017 edition was prepared according to the unchanged methodology. In the international version of the BIČ with the English interface (JBR), a somewhat different methodology is used, adjusted to the practice of international evaluation agencies and the criteria used in global citation databases.

The indicators on the basis of which the category is determined were calculated for 478 journals. 10 journals were categorized for the first time. For 59 journals that are monitored though they do not meet the requirements defined in the Act on the Editing of Scientific Journals, only the local impact expressed by the number of raw citations is shown. These journals are not assigned categories.

Furthermore, categories are not assigned to 25 journals that have not been published regularly (for at least 5 years). 9 journals have been suspended for a one-year period due to the violations of publishing and/or ethical standards. In total, 572 journals are listed.



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